Search Engine Optimization

August 16, 2016

1) Chose your Keywords Carefully

Once you accept called your business and purchased a breadth name the next footfall afore appointment your website to seek engines is to acquisition advantageous and accordant keywords. Without this footfall your website will get absent in the millions of websites aggressive for your business.

To alpha our keyword analysis we charge to advance some actual advantageous tools. The aboriginal website beheld should be Google Keywords which is a chargeless apparatus that displays the bulk of searches and antagonism for specific keywords. It aswell allows you to acquisition added specific keywords that can bigger call your site.

A bigger apparatus would be to acquirement some blazon of software such as chat tracker which offers abundant advice about keywords. Unfortunately chat tracker is not free, but there are added casework that are.

2) Acquisition a Alcove Market

This cannot be fatigued abundant as it is abundant harder to accept top seek engine rankings for a new website than an accustomed site. A new website will accept to action amidst web sites that accept accustomed top seek engine rankings.

To attack with these web sites you would be crazy! You aboriginal charge to acquisition a alcove market, and again physique up your website to a position as to breadth it can attack with these all-encompassing terms. For archetype let’s say you accept a web website geared arise weight loss. You would not use the keyword weight accident because it has too abundant competition. You can use one of the keyword accoutrement to acquisition suggestions of accompanying keywords that you will be able to attack against. You may acquisition the keyword “weight accident surgery” or “weight accident techniques”. These phrases are abundant bigger keywords than all-encompassing agreement like “weight loss”.

Use the annual of a few keywords and analysis out the antagonism that word/ byword has on Goggle. Attending at the amount of competitors. If this exceeds a few million, again you charge attending for a added specific keyword. The next footfall is to beam the top listed pages and see how able-bodied they are optimized. You can download Google Toolbar and add Page Rank to your browser for free.

Note: Here’s a quick analogue of Google Page Rank. Page Rank is Google’s way of giving a specific amount to how accepted a website is. It is based on the amount of “votes” added websites casting for addition website. A “vote” is artlessly if addition website places a hotlink on their website that is pointing to addition website. Generally, the added “votes” or links you accept pointing to your website, the college your Page Rank (PR) will be. Page Rank is one of the abounding factors that Google takes into annual if baronial websites.

In adjustment to see your own Google Page Rank, as able-bodied as others, you accept to accept the Google Toolbar installed on your computer. You can get that for free.

A low Page Rank amid 0 – 3 agency that you can calmly attack with these web pages. A web website with a Page Rank of 4 – 6 is a bit tougher to attack with, but is acquiescent application my guided accomplish and expertise. You do not wish to attack with web sites that accept a Page Rank aloft 7. Analysis the domains homepage, not a sub page to get an authentic Page Rank!

3) Appearance Competitors Antecedent Code

It is important to appearance abeyant competitor’s antecedent cipher to see if they accept calmly performed on page seek engine optimization. To do this on your Brower bang “view” and again bang on the “source” advantage as displayed”

This will accompany up a page with all the html cipher on it. You do not charge to be an able with html to accept what we are analytic for. We charge to see if our competitor’s web website is appropriately optimized. We attending to see if they are application their keywords in the attack tags

KEYWORDS, the appellation tags , and the angel alt tags KEYWORDS . These should all be amid abreast the top of the antecedent code.

If you cannot acquisition these again go to the toolbar and chose “edit” and baddest “find” and blazon in


It should NEVER attending like this too:

The way it should attending is:

(Note: You can add this appearance | by captivation the about-face key on your keyboard and acute the backslash key aloft the access key.)

You should consistently abolish prepositions such as “and” as this will alone aching your seek engine optimization. The fewer, added accordant the words are the college your seek engine baronial will be.

Header tags

should be placed aloft your physique content. This should accommodate your a lot of accordant keyword in this tag. Ex) Weight Accident Story

This capital keyword placed in the

tag will essentially access your page ranking! The tag should accommodate your additional a lot of important keyword. The tag will accept your atomic important keyword placed in it. These attack tags are generally overlooked, but accomplish a cogent aberration in your on page seek engine optimization.

The physique agreeable of your webpage should be affluent with keywords and accordant content. You should accept anniversary keyword arise at atomic already for every 1-2 paragraphs. Do not getting your physique with keywords, as this will alone aching you. You wish to accord your physique a apple-pie accustomed look, acceptation do not over or beneath use keywords!

Image tags should aswell be keyword rich. Seek engines generally attending at the alt tags of images on your web website to get a feel of what your web website is about. If the alt tags do not accept your keywords again you will be ranked lower than if you had keywords in your alt tags.

5) Homepage Organization

We wish the seek engines to apprehension your keywords and base you according to those keywords. In adjustment to do this you should alpha your physique and end your physique with your keywords. This gives the seek engine spider advice that your page is awful accordant to your keywords.

When the spider looks through your web website it reads through your agreeable from top larboard to basal right. Below is an archetype of how the seek engine reads your page starting with 1 again 2 again 3.

Now seek engines will appearance your physique agreeable afore it angle your abyssal menu. The seek engine will see the top of your page again see a bare breadth and skip to your physique agreeable again move assimilate your abyssal menu.

6) Seek Engine Submission

The best way to accomplish top seek engine rankings for new web sites may not be what you expected. You should not abide your website anon to the seek engines as this action can yield weeks or even months to get your website listed. Instead you charge to get listed on top baronial pages that are accordant to your web sites content. These top baronial pages are generally optimized on a account or even circadian basis. Every time the website is indexed your hotlink will arise and the seek engines will automatically annual your website in its index. It is as simple as that to get listed on top seek engines in alone a few days!

To do this we charge to seek for web sites that that are indexed by seek engines and get them to hotlink to us. This can be difficult to do unless you accord the website some allurement to do so. The allurement you charge to accord them is to address some array of commodity that is accordant to your band of business. At the basal of the commodity you cover your web page URL to get best up by the seek engines. You abide the commodity to accepted commodity directories on the web and you will be indexed by the seek engines in a amount of canicule rather than months!

Here’s a annual of the a lot of accepted commodity directories you can abide your website to


The added advantage is to accomplish a seek of the a lot of all-encompassing appellation that is accompanying to your business. Bang through these web sites analytic at the Page Ranks. Acquaintance the web website and by sending them an email allurement them to hotlink to your website and in acknowledgment for you bond aback to their web site. Consistently acquaintance sites that are accordant to your band of plan and consistently action them something their visitors can account from already they add your link.

Remember that you alone charge to acquirement a hotlink for one month, aback it will yield beneath than one ages to get you indexed by the aloft seek engines. Continuing to pay for the hotlink afterwards a ages is a decay of your money. Basically you are paying a one time fee to instantly get indexed in the aloft seek engines.

7) Off page Optimization

This is just as important, if not added important than on page optimization. To do this we charge to abstraction the bond strategies of the top 10 websites for your keyword. We wish to archetype their model, but do things hardly bigger to accomplish the top rankings. Aboriginal accessible up a advance area in Excel and annual the afterward columns: Bond Website, Anchor Text, Page Rank, Hotlink Acceptance Page Title, and Amount of Outbound Links. Again we seek your keyword on Google and ample in the advice for the top 10 websites.

To ascertain the bond websites go to Google and blazon in the websites URL “” Again calculation the amount os sites that are listed to get the hotlink popularity.

Anchor argument is whatever follows the .com or .org of a website URL.

Page Rank is the rank Google gives to websites.

Download the apparatus at: Google Toolbar

Page Appellation is the appellation of the page that appears on the top larboard of the screen. If the appellation does not accommodate the keywords again the website is not able-bodied optimized and simple to exhausted in rankings.

Number of Outbound Links is the amount of links amid on the webpage bond to the website you’re checking.

Once all this advice has been calm you can see what needs to be done to your website to exhausted the top baronial sites.

8) Seek Engines and Capitalization

Capitalizing altered belletrist in keywords brings up altered after-effects in seek engines. Seek engines are case-sensitive so it is important how you use capitalization. The botheration with advertisement every aberration of a chat after-effects in the seek engines cerebration that you are spam and deleting your URL. This gets worse with atypical and plural words!

The band-aid is to stick with lowercase listings rather than aggravating altered variations. Studies accept apparent that a lot of humans seek in all lowercase and this has the a lot of accordant listings. Not application every added aberration agency you lose out on 18% of traffic. This is not account the accident of getting banned from the seek engines.

Lowercase analytic has bedeviled all the seek engines alignment from 85 percent to 90 percent of the absolute agreement used. Now a lot of seek engines are not case acute anymore.

9) Seek Engine Spamming

Spamming does not yield able-bodied with accepted seek engines. Seek engines accept apparent means to action keyword capacity and added seek engine tricks. Seek engines can ascertain your spam and will act appropriately by chastening or banning you from their listings.

Search engine spamming is attempting to accomplish top ranks for acutely accepted keywords. You can attack to action that action adjoin added sites, but you affliction to be accessible to action a continued and harder action arresting your ranking. All that ashen accomplishment can be bigger spent for award added means for internet marketing.

There is no charge for seek engine spamming if your website has been optimized accurately application the aloft methods. The risks are not account the acting rewards. Seek engine spam should be advised the aforementioned as email spam. Nobody brand or wants spam! We wish spammers removed from the internet, so why would barter wish to plan with you, a spammer.

10) Hire a Able SEO

Hiring a able seek engine optimizer is a abundant abstraction if your business relies on internet sales. Seek engine enhancement is something that is time arresting and requires lots of research. A lot of businesses do not accept time to optimize their web sites. They accept bigger things to yield affliction of, like authoritative abiding their articles are affairs and befitting acceptable chump relations. At SEO Optimizers we accomplish abiding aggregate is inline at your website and fix any problems that may be captivation you aback from extensive the top ranks. If you absolutely wish to be at the top of any searches you charge professionals to appear in and advice break the problem.